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When it comes to gardening, different advancements have been made. These advancements have made it possible to grow plants even in the workplaces and in limited urban spaces. These include the vertical and hydroponic garden systems. A vertical garden is a type of gardening where the plants are grown in vertical spaces compared to organic growth where plants are grown in a horizontal garden.in this gardening method, special growing containers are used. 

They are fixed on special stands where they can access light. However, this method can use either soil or nutrient solution commonly known as hydroponic gardening. In fact, hydroponic gardening is an advancement of a vertical system where the pants are grown vertically but a nutrient-rich solution is used instead of soil. Due to this fact, there are some benefits that come with these gardening techniques.

1. Little space needed.

This is one of the major advantages of these growing methods. Under organic farming, you need to secure a large piece of land in order to plant the volume of plants you want more so when it comes to consumer plants. However, with these techniques, you only need to have enough stands, containers and indoor condition controlling equipment. A small space can carry four to five times the volume of plants that are planted in a basic organic farm of the same size. 

2. Controlled and contained conditions.

This is another benefit you get from these gardening techniques. It is obvious that growing plants such as fruits and vegetables requires one to take care of the conditions the plants are exposed to. Failure to do so leads to huge losses due to poor productivity caused by factors like pest infestation and nutrient deficiency. 

However, when you turn into this gardening techniques, all these problems will be avoided. This is because plants are grown under controlled conditions. This is more so when it comes to hydroponic growing where everything is under controlled condition. Due to this fact, negative effects caused by nutrient deficiency, pest infestation and seasonal and weather changes are completely avoided. 

3. Better productivity, environmental and health benefits.

When you practice these gardening techniques, you are not only going to enjoy the benefits associated with better productivity but also environmental and health benefits. When it comes to productivity, these plants are productive because all conditions are provided to the maximum. On the other hand, they are not affected by seasonal changes. They experience all year round productivity. When it comes to environmental and health benefits, these plants help in reducing carbon dioxide in indoor spaces more so when planted in offices or workplaces.

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